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May 29, 2016

WIN A FREE PEN! I'm looking for names for my pen business, if I choose the name you give me, I'll give you the pen of your choice (any pen I've made.) Full details can be found here: http://bit.ly/winapen

May 28, 2016

WIN A LUXURY PEN OF YOUR CHOICE. I would love to start selling my pens, but to do that I need a business name so I can start marketing them. To win a FREE PEN: 1. LIKE MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK (I’ll change the page name once I pick the…

May 23, 2016

Over the weekend my pastor said he had seen some of the pens that I had posted on my Facebook account and we go talking about my pen making hobby. At the end of the conversation I gifted him with this pen.

May 21, 2016

Here is the process of creating an acrylic pen. I have started out with a clear polyresin based acrylic mixture. Once the pigment dyes have been mixed to create the desired colors a catalyst is added to each color. The different colored acrylics have to cure to a point where they can be…

May 20, 2016

Since getting the lathe that I mentioned on Day 25, (yes, I was able to get a replacement lathe bed,) I’ve been focusing on creating the writing instruments themselves.For the last month my biggest focus has been on learning to make pens, I’ve been averaging producing one pen a day…