May 20, 2016

Since getting the lathe that I mentioned on Day 25, (yes, I was able to get a replacement lathe bed,) I’ve been focusing on creating the writing instruments themselves.For the last month my biggest focus has been on learning to make pens, I’ve been averaging producing one pen a day for the few weeks.

I know having a good pen won’t improve my writing without the practice, but making pens is fun.

I’ve started off by purchasing the metal parts and pen components and creating the bodies of the pens myself.

I will start creating dip pen holders, (there’s actually less pieces in dip pens, and they are much simpler) but before I get in to designing my own pens, I want to get proficient at making more complex pens.

With that, I’m going to start updating this blog again, but along with practice sheets, I’m going to be posting photos of the pens that I am creating.

Eventually I will start selling my pens, but again, I want to make sure my pens are top quality before offering them to others.



One thought on “May 20, 2016

  1. This pen is one of the latest pens I’ve made (after working at on a pen a day for almost a month.) Tomorrow, I’ll go into detail on how I created it!

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