Day 3

It’s interesting that the forming of the letters that happens while writing uses a part of the brain that is used for higher reasoning, whereas typing, well… doesn’t.

As far as my own practice, I am still working on the same strokes I was yesterday (I’m still awful at them.)

On my first page, I tried making more distinct circles that were more uniform.

One thing I am noticing is that it is difficult to write in the notebook I am using when I get halfway into the page or near the bottom of the page. The notebook sits about a half inch off the desk and the binding sticks up a quarter inch, so when I get near the right side of the page, my hand hits the binding, and when I get near the bottom of the page, my had falls off the notebook.

For tomorrow, I will start taking my practice pages out of the notebook before I begin.

Day 3 Practice Pages

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