Day 13

As I was reading through the Spencerian Theory book, I was a little confused when I got to the part where it talked about how to make the lowercase letter “x”.

“When do I cross the X?” I asked myself, until it hit me. In the Spencerian script, you don’t cross the X at all, rather it is a set of two turns with a line connecting them. The first curve starts at the baseline, goes up and comes back down to the baseline, then the line brings the pen up to the top line and you make an upside down curve identical to the first curve, except this time you end at the top line.

This blew my mind, and because of that, the lowercase X is now my favorite letter!

As you’ll see, I need a lot of work on it, but I like it.

Today I spent about a half hour on my practice page and still only got three quarters of the way done with it. This letter takes me a little longer to write, but I enjoy writing it!

Day 13 Practice Sheet

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