Day 23

See, I'm getting better... Ok my letters still look as bad as they did when I began, however, I am noticing I'm beginning to finish my practice sheets a little quicker, so practicing every day may be helping the speed of my writing (of course practicing bad handwriting faster is…

Day 22

I got to practice writing my first full word in the Spencerian Copybook today! I worked on the word "air". I actually found it easier to write a word than practicing individual letters. (more…)

Day 21

It's been 21 days since I started this journey, and you know what they say... It takes 21 days to form a habit (or not.) Regardless, I'm sticking in there and working my way the Spencerian copybooks! Today I worked on the lowercase letter s. (more…)

Day 20

The Spencerian lowercase r and s are unique in that both of these letters extend up just a little past the midline, whereas the rest of the lowercase letters either go exactly to the midline or top line. Today I practiced the r. (more…)

Day 18

Today was a little bit different when it comes to penmanship, I barely even picked up a pen. As I mentioned before, I've been looking for a good oblique pen holder that works well for me. I haven't been completely satisfied with any of the ones that I've tried, so…

Day 17

Today I've moved on to the lowercase letter e. The Spencerian e has a much narrower loop than I am used to and I had to keep watching for that as I was practicing. (more…)
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